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15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L

15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L

    • 15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L
    • 15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L
    • 15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L
    • 15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L
    • 15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L
    • 15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L
  • 15m lockable pneumatic telescopic mast 50kg payloads NR-3300-15000-50L

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: NRENTECH
    Certification: ISO/CE
    Model Number: NR-3300-15000-50L

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: USD 7000/unit FOB Shanghai
    Packaging Details: wooden box.
    Delivery Time: 10 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 200 units/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Extended Height: 15m Retracted Height: 3.3m
    Payloads: 50kg Working Air Pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    Working Temperature: -15~85℃ Collar Style: Locking Collar
    Number Of Sections: 7 Sections Section Dia.: 66mm~180mm
    Default Accessories: 1x Top Flange, 1xbottom Flange, 1x Air Hose Pipe Optional Accessories: Side Mounting Brackets, Guying Lines, Electric Air Compressor
    Unit Weight: 95kg Approx. Guarantee: 5 Years

    15m Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Mast 50kg payloads
    1> Item #: NR-3300-15000-50L
    2> Extended Height: 15m
    3> Retracted Height: 3.3m
    4> Payloads: 50kg max.
    5> Working air pressure: 0.25Mpa/29PSI
    6> Number of sections:
    7 sections
    7> section diameter 66mm~180mm
    8> Collar style: lockable collar
    9> working temperature: -15~85℃
    10> Materials: aluminum alloy AL0603T5
    11> Mast weight: 90kg approx.
    12> Default accessories: 1x top flange, 1x bottom flange, 1x air hose pipe included
    13> Optional accessories: electric air compressor, manual control, guying lines supplied additional

    20m locking telescopic masttelescopic mast retractedguying lines for 20m mast


    Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Mast
    Part # Payload Extended Height Retracted Height Mast Weight Sections Sections Diameter Collar Type Operate Pressure
    NR4200-30000-15L 15kg/33lb 30m/98.4’ 4.2m/13.8’ 380kg/836lb 13 36~279mm/1.42~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR4400-30000-30L 30kg/66lb 30m/98.4’ 4.4m/14.4’ 450kg/990lb 13 51~316mm/2~12.4" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3350-25000-15L 15kg/33 lb 25m/82’ 3.35m/11’ 240kg/528lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3900-25000-100L 100kg/220lb 25m/82’ 3.9m/12.8’ 350kg/770lb 10 82~279mm/3.23~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3600-21000-10L 10kg/22 lb 21m/68.9’ 3.6m/11.8’ 180kg/396lb 9 36~180mm/1.42~7.1” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR4000-21000-10L 10kg/22 lb 21m/69.8’ 4m/13.1’ 150kg/330lb 7 36~140mm/1.42~5.5” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR3100-21000-15L 15kg/33 lb 21m/68.9’ 3.1m/10.2’ 212kg/466lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3300-21000-150L 15kg/33 lb 20m/65.6’ 3.6m/11.8’ 150kg/330lb 9 98~279mm/3.86~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3600-20000-15L 200kg/440lb 20m/65.6’ 3.6m/11.8’ 400kg/880lb 9 36~180mm/1.42~7.1” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR3600-20000-200L 200kg/440lb 20m/65.6’ 3.6m/11.8’ 400kg/880lb 9 118~316mm/4.65~12.4’ Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2800-18000-30L 30kg/66lb 18m/59’ 2.8m/9.2’ 195kg/429lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3300-18000-30L 30kg/66lb 18m/59’ 3.3m/9.84’ 142kg/308lb 9 36~180mm/1.42~7.1" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3600-18000-70L 70kg/154lb 18m/59’ 3.6m/11.8’ 210kg/462lb 9 66~229mm/2.6~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3100-18000-150L 150kg/330lb 18m/59’ 3.1m/10.2’ 320kg/704lb 8 98~279mm/3.86~11" Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR3500-18000-250L 250kg/550lb 18m/59’ 3.5m/11,5’ 350kg/770lb 8 118~279mm/4.65~11" Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR3700-18000-300L 300kg/660lb 18m/59’ 3.7m/12.1’ 323kg/712lb 7 140~279mm/5.5~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2450-15000-30L 30kg/66lb 15m/49.2’ 2.45m/8’ 175kg/385lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2750-15000-30L 30kg/66lb 15m/49.2’ 2.75m/9’ 93kg/205lb 8 36~160mm/1.42~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3200-15000-50L 50kg/110lb 15m/49.2’ 3.2m/10.5' 120kg/264lb 7 82~180mm/3.23~7.1" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2650-15000-70L 70kg/154lb 15m/49.2’ 2.65m/8.69’ 180kg/396lb 9 66~229mm/2.6~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3000-15000-100L 100kg/220lb 15m/49.2’ 3m/9.84’ 185kg/407 lb 8 82~229mm/3.23~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3200-15000-150L 150kg/330lb 15m/49.2’ 3.2m/10.5' 180kg/396lb 7 98~229mm/3.86~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3000-15000-300L 300kg/660lb 15m/49.2’ 3 m/9.84' 330kg/726lb 8 140~316mm/5.5~12.4" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR3200-15000-300L 300kg/660lb 15m/49.2’ 3.2m/10.5' 263kg/580lb 7 140~279mm/5.5~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2700-14000-100L 100kg/220lb 14m/45.9’ 2.7m/8.8’ 165kg/363 lb 8 82~229mm/3.23~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2750-12000-30L 30kg/66lb 12m/39.4’ 2.75m/9’ 60kg/132lb 6 36~118mm/1.42~4.65” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2550-12000-30L 30kg/66lb 12m/39.4’ 2.55m/8.4’ 60kg/132lb 7 36~140mm/1.42~5.5” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2500-12000-30L 30kg/66lb 12m/39.4’ 2.5m/8.2’ 65kg/143lb 8 36~160mm/1.42~6.3” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2750-12000-50L 50kg/110lb 12m/39.4’ 2.75m/9’ 80kg/176lb 6 51~140mm/2~5.5” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2550-12000-50L 50kg/110lb 12m/39.4’ 2.55m/8.4’ 80kg/176lb 7 51~160mm/2~6.3” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2500-12000-50L 50kg/110lb 12m/39.4’ 2.5m/8.2’ 90kg/198lb 8 51~180mm/2~7.1” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2750-12000-70L 70kg/154lb 12m/39.4’ 2.75m/9’ 90kg/198lb 6 66~160mm/2.6~6.3” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2550-12000-70L 70kg/154lb 12m/39.4’ 2.55m/8.4’ 90kg/198lb 7 66~180mm/2.6~7.1” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2750-12000-100L 100kg/220lb 12m/39.4’ 2.75m/9’ 90kg/198lb 6 82~180mm/2.6~6.3” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2350-12000-100L 100kg/220lb 12m/39.4’ 2.35m/7.7’ 155kg/341lb 8 82~229mm/3.23~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2250-12000-150L 150kg/330lb 12m/39.4’ 2.25m/8.3’ 141kg/311lb 7 98~229mm/3.86~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2750-12000-200L 200kg/440lb 12m/39.4’ 2.75m/9’ 150kg/330lb 6 118~229mm/4.65~9” Locking 0.2Mpa/29PSI
    NR2350-12000-200L 200kg/440lb 12m/39.4’ 2.35m/7.7’ 200kg/440lb 8 118~279mm/4.65~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2500-12500-30L 30kg/66lb 12.5m/41’ 2.5m/8.2’ 93kg/205lb 8 36~160mm/1.42~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2400-11000-150L 150kg/330lb 11m/36.1’ 2.4m/7.9’ 141kg/311lb 7 98~229mm/3.86~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2300-10000-30L 30kg/66lb 10m/32.8' 2.3m/7.3' 68kg/150lb 7 36~140mm/1.42~5.5" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2840-10000-100L 100kg/220lb 10m/32.8' 2.84m/9.3' 80kg/176lb 5 82~160mm/3.22~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2200-9000-30L 30kg/66lb 9m/29.5’ 2.2m/7.2’ 53kg/116lb 6 36~118mm/1.42~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2200-9000-50L 50kg/110lb 9m/29.5’ 2.2m/7.2 65kg/132lb 6 51~140mm/2~5.5” Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2200-9000-70L 70kg/154lb 9m/29.5’ 2.2m/7.2 70kg/154lb 6 66~160mm/2.6~6.3” Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2200-9000-100L 100kg/220lb 9m/29.5’ 2.2m/7.2 85kg/187lb 6 82~180mm/2.6~6.3 Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2200-9000-150L 150kg/330lb 9m/29.5’ 2.2m/7.2’ 133kg/293lb 7 98~229mm/3.86~9" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2000-8000-70L 70kg/154lb 8m/26.2' 2m/6.6’ 48kg/105lb 6 66~160mm/2.6~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2000-8000-100L 100kg/220lb 8m/26.2’ 2.0m/6.6' 85kg/187lb 6 82~180mm/3.23~7.1" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2000-6500-70L 70kg/154lb 6.5m/21.3’ 2m/6.6’ 51kg/112lb 5 66~140mm/2.6~5.5" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR1500-6000-30L 30kg/66lb 6m/19.7’ 1.5m/4.92' 40kg/88lb 6 36~118mm/1.42~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR1750-6000-50L 50kg/110lb 6m/19.7’ 1.75m/5.74’ 37kg/82lb 5 51~118mm/2.0~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR2000-5500-100L 100kg/220lb 5.5m/18' 2m/6.6’ 46kg/101lb 4 82~140mm/3.23~5.5" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR1800-4500-150L 150kg/330lb 4.5m/14.8’ 1.8m/5.9’ 40kg/88lb 3 98~140mm/3.86~5.5" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR1550-4200-70L 70kg/154lb 4.2m/13.8’ 1.55m/3.41' 25kg/55lb 4 66~118mm/2.6~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR1800-4500-100L 100kg/220lb 4.5m/14.8’ 1.8m/5.9’ 30kg/66lb 3 82~118mm/3.22~4.65” Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    NR1600-2700-150L 150kg/330lb 2.7m/8.9' 1.6m/5.2" 16kg/35.2lb 2 98~118mm/3.86~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI


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