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9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads

9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads

    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
    • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads
  • 9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: NRENTECH
    Certification: ISO/CE
    Model Number: NR-90107150

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: USD 5500/unit FOB Shanghai
    Packaging Details: sea shipping crate box.
    Delivery Time: 10 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 200 units/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Extended Height: 15m Retracted Height: 3.2m
    Payloads: 150kg Collar Style: Locking Collar
    Working Air Pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI Max. Working Temperature: -15~85 ℃
    Number Of Sections: 7 Section Diamter: 98mm~229mm
    Materials: Aluminum Alloy 6063T5 Default Accessories: 1x Top Flange, 1x Bottom Flange, 1x Air Hose Pipe
    Optional Accessories: Electric Air Compressor, Guying Lines, Side Mounting Mast Weight: 150kg Approx.
    Wind Resistance: 110km/h With 3x4 Guying Lines/0.2 Square Meter Wind Area

    15m Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Mast for 150kg payloads

    Details specification:

    1> Item #: NR90107150

    2> Extended Height: 15m

    3> Retracted Height: 3.2m

    4> Payloads: 150kg max.

    5> Working pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI

    6> Working temperature: -25~85℃

    7> Sections: 7

    8> Sections dia.: 98mm~229mm

    9> Materials: Aluminum alloy 6063T5

    10> Accessories: 1x top flange, 1x bottom flange, 1x air hose pipe,

    11> Optional accessories: 3x4 guying lines kits, electric air compressor, side mounting brackets

    12> Mast weight: 150kg approx.


    15m mast trailer mounted15m mast vertical mounted15m mast extending testing


    Other locking masts models:


    Series 9 Locking Mast
    Part # Payload Extended Height Retracted Height Mast Weight Nos. of Sections Tube Diameter Collar Type Maximum Operate Pressure
    90A13300 30kg/66lb 30m/100’ 3.9m/12.8’ 400kg/880lb 13 36~279mm/1.42~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90A10250 100kg/220lb 25m/82’ 3.9m/12.8’ 350kg/770lb 10 82~279mm/3.23~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90A10200 100kg/220lb 20m/65.6’ 3.4m/11.2’ 280kg/616lb 10 82~279mm/3.23~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90A09210 150kg/330lb 21m/68.9’ 3.3m/10.8’ 310kg/682lb 9 98~279mm/3.86~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90A07180 300kg/660lb 18m/59’ 3.7m/12.1’ 323kg/712lb 7 140~279mm/5.5~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90A07150 300kg/660lb 15m/49.2’ 3m/9.84’ 263kg/580lb 7 140~279mm/5.5~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90A06120 400kg/880lb 12m/39.3’ 2.75m/9’ 233kg/514lb 6 160~279mm/6.3~11" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90111300 10kg/22lb 30m/98.4’ 4.2m/13.8’ 280kg/616lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90111250 30kg/66lb 25m/82’ 3.35m/11’ 240kg/528lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90111210 30kg/66lb 21m/68.9’ 3.1m/10.2’ 212kg/466lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90111180 30kg/66lb 18m/59’ 2.8m/9.2’ 195kg/429lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90111150 30kg/66lb 15m/49.2’ 2.45m/8’ 175kg/385lb 11 36~229mm/1.42~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90110150 50kg/110lb 15m/49.2’ 2.6m/8.53’ 179kg/394lb 10 51~229mm/2.01~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90109150 70kg/154lb 15m/49.2’ 2.65m/8.69’ 180kg/396lb 9 66~229mm/2.6~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90108150 100kg/220lb 15m/49.2’ 2.8m/9’ 177kg/390 8 82~229mm/3.23~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90108120 100kg/220lb 12m/39’ 2.35m/7.7’ 155kg/341lb 8 82~229mm/3.23~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90107150 150kg/330lb 15m/49.2’ 3m/9.8’ 180kg/396lb 7 98~229mm/3.86~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90107120 150kg/330lb 12m/39.4’ 2.25m/8.3’ 141kg/311lb 7 98~229mm/3.86~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90107090 150kg/330lb 9m/29.5’ 2.1m/6.9’ 133kg/293lb 7 98~229mm/3.86~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90106125 230kg/506lb 12.5m/41’ 2.86m/9.4’ 141kg/311lb 6 118~229mm/4.65~9.02" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90309180 30kg/66lb 18m/59’ 3.15m 142kg/308lb 9 36~180mm/1.42~7.1" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90309150 30kg/66lb 15m/49.2’ 2.75m/9’ 130kg/286lb 9 36~180mm/1.42~7.1" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90306080 100kg/220lb 8m/26.2’ 2.0m/6.6' 85kg/187lb 6 82~180mm/3.23~7.1" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90408150 30kg/66lb 15m/49.2’ 2.75m/9’ 93kg/205lb 8 36~160mm/1.42~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90408125 30kg/66lb 12.5m/41’ 2.5m/8.2’ 93kg/205lb 8 36~160mm/1.42~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90406075 70kg/154lb 7.5m/24.6' 2m/6.6’ 48kg/105lb 6 66~160mm/2.6~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90405100 100kg/220lb 10m/32.8' 2.84m/9.3' 80kg/176lb 5 82~160mm/3.22~6.3" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90507100 30kg/66lb 10m/32.8' 2.3m/7.3' 68kg/150lb 7 36~140mm/1.42~5.5" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90505065 70kg/154lb 6.5m/21.3’ 2m/6.6’ 51kg/112lb 5 66~140mm/2.6~5.51" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90504055 100kg/220lb 5.5m/18' 2m/6.6’ 46kg/101lb 4 82~140mm/3.23~5.5" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90503045 150kg/330lb 4.5m/14.8’ 1.8m/5.9’ 40kg/88lb 3 98~140mm/3.86~5.5" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90606090 30kg/66lb 9m/29.5’ 2.15m/7.1’ 53kg/116lb 6 36~118mm/1.42~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90606060 30kg/66lb 6m/19.7’ 1.5m/4.92' 40kg/88lb 6 36~118mm/1.42~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90605060 50kg/110lb 6m/19.7’ 1.75m/5.74’ 37kg/82lb 5 51~118mm/2.0~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90604042 70kg/154lb 4.2m/13.8’ 1.55m/3.41' 25kg/55lb 4 66~118mm/2.6~4.65" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90603045 100kg/220lb 4.5m/14.8’ 1.8m/5.9’ 30kg/66lb 3 82~118mm/3.22~4.65” Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI
    90602027 150kg/330lb 2.7m/8.9' 1.6m/5.2" 16kg/35.2lb 2 98~118mm/3.86~4.64" Locking 0.2MPa/29PSI


    Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Discription:



    Pneumatic telescopic mast is a mast comprised of sections which collapse into each other and is driven by pneumatic/ air. Pneumatic Telescopic Masts are ideal for number of applications such as fixed and mobile radio communication, surveillance, elevated testing and mobile radar applications, light towers and other industries.

    These masts could be deployed for extended periods and are versatile. Ease in operation, quick deployment and transportation are the key differentiators of these masts when compared to hydraulic mast, manual mast, electric mast.



    • Pneumatic Telescopic Masts are manufactured using heat treated high tensile aluminum alloy part # 6063T5 sections of different diameters from 28mm to 316mm and collapsed into each other.
    • The number of sections vary depending on the extension height, retraction height and head payload. The mast can be erected easily using low pressure air either by a foot pump or air compressor.
    • Nrentech Pneumatic telescopic masts come with four styles, standard mast (non-lockable, series 8), lockable mast(series 9), lighting mast (electric cable mounted inside, series 7) and CCTV mast (CCTV cables mounted inside, series CCTV~)
    • Non-lockable mast can be controlled extend and retract easily by an air controller or air compressor.


    9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads

    Non-lockable mast

    l Lockable masts are locked using locking collars which are provided at the top of each section. Operating locking collars is easy through Yoke keys. Once these collars are locked properly they allow the mast sections to remain in extended position. And compressor can be move off when mast extended fully.

    9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads

    Lockable Mast

    • Lighting mast are masts with internal spiral cables mounted inside for light tower, CCTV

    9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads

    Lighting masts


    • A full-length key-way is provided in each of the section to prevent relative rotation between the sections. In order withstanding heavy wind loads, mast sections are also anchored with guy ropes at different levels.

    9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads


    • Economical and efficient alternative to conventional towers
    • Erection is quick and simple with minimum time
    • Light weight, compact and easily transportable
    • Withstands wind load greater than 120 km/h
    • Installed on ground or mounted on the vehicle
    • Durable service life and minimum maintenance
    • Masts made of corrosion resistant materials



    • Fixed and Mobile Radio communication
    • Conducting geodesic surveying
    • handling any emergency work
    • Providing temporary illumination
    • Jamming unwanted radio signals
    • Radio Survey
    • Testing wireless cables
    • Measuring Field Strength
    • mounting lighting arrestors and CCTV cameras
    • Remote surveillance
    • Measuring Noise Levels
    • temporary Flood Lights
    • Outdoor communication van.



    Product Range and Brief Specs:

    Erected height 3meters to 30meters
    Retractable height As per customer requirement
    Head loads Up to 700kg
    Type of mast Guy support or self-support
    Wind speed(optional) 80km/h
    Wind speed(survival) 120km/h
    Type of application Ground mounting or vehicle mounting
    Environment conditions Suitable for all weather conditions
    Pneumatic source Electric air pump(optional)


    9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads9m lockable pneumatic mast 15kg payloads



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